Q. Do I have to fill in any forms?

A. Yes we have a holding form that all potential tenants must complete when reserving a property. You will have to come into our Falmer office to complete in person at the same time you will need to bring in ID

Q. What do I have to pay to reserve a property?

A. Yes To reserve your property you'll need to pay one weeks rent which will be deducted from the first month's rent which will be due upon signing the Tenancy Agreement.

Q. How much is the security deposit?

A. The security deposit is usually between four to five weeks, depending on the property. This is due one month before the tenancy starts and will be registered with My Deposits.This is refundable at the end of your tenancy providing there are no damages.

Q. Am I committed to pay rent for a fixed length of time?

A. Yes, depending on the length of the tenancy you sign, you are legally required to pay the rent until the contract ends.

Q. What does ‘jointly and severally' liable mean?

A. Where there is more than one tenant signing an agreement, all tenants are ‘jointly and severally' liable. This means that each tenant can be held responsible for the agreement and paying of rent and not just a share of it. Be sure about the people that you agree to share with as if they fail to pay the rent, you can also be held liable.

Q. Who will maintain and manage the property?

A. If the property is managed by Sussex Student Lettings you should contact us with all maintenance, management and rent issues. Details will be provided about the various ways of contacting us. If the landlord manages the property, you will be given their contact details when collecting your keys.

Q. Who will pay for the Utilities, Services and TV Licence?

A. Normally most bills will be the responsibility of the tenant unless stated otherwise. There will be no Council Tax charge where full-time students ONLY occupy a house. There are specific rules governing who is classed as a full-time student and tenants are advised to check this before choosing whom to live with.

Q. Will my belongings be covered by the Landlord's insurance?

A. No, tenants must take out insurance for their own belongings.

Q. Will my deposit be protected?

A. Yes, through My Deposits. This is an independent scheme that aims to fairly resolve any disputes between landlords and tenants.

Q. Can I rent properties through you if I'm not a student?

A. Yes, however, non-students will have to pay an administration fee of £150 + VAT.